• 6 kate spade quote stickers
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    6 Kate Spade Quote Stickers [Free Printable]

    Who loves Kate Spade? I do! I do! Kate Spade was one of the most successful fashion designers in the US. She founded and managed the brand Kate Spade New York. After getting her degree in journalism, Kate worked for Mademoiselles magazine. In 1993, she launched her eponymous line of bags. The products quickly became very popular, and her company transformed into a fashion empire. I believe that you know what happened to Kate Spade’s death a few years ago. On June 5, 20218, Kate’s death was ruled a suicide. Tt’s kind of sad to see her being gone. However, I really admire her quotes which make me feeling more…

  • 5 Best Wedding Planners For Beautiful Brides
    Planner and Bullet Journal Ideas

    5 Best Wedding Planners For Beautiful Brides

    Whoa! Congratulations to you all brides! Some of my friends and family relatives are planning their wedding, but they have no clue how to make plans, they are aware that hiring their event planners are very expensive. I advise them to try their wedding planners on their own, however, they do not know which best wedding planner they are making plans. Now I am writing about 5 best wedding planners for beautiful brides. Like I say in my writing post about planner layout, you can decide which planner layout and other areas you want to make comfortable plans for your wedding. Let’s see which the planner can be the best…

  • Best Daily and Monthly Planners For Working Moms
    Planner and Bullet Journal Ideas

    4 Best Daily and Monthly Planners for Working Moms

    Are you working mom? I do not know about you, but I feel that you are probably working mom because of crazy busy every day. But, do you have a planner with you? If no, then let me ask you why not? Carrying a planner with you should be a good idea since you are a working mom. Do you know which planner is the best fit for you? I choose 4 best daily and monthly planners for working moms. But, you can decide what the best planner can be perfect for you and your comfortable schedule. Sometimes, you work so hard but need to organize your plans so you…

  • Pplanneraholic

    Planneraholic – WELCOME HERE!

    For all planneraholics – I’m so so so glad that you are here!! PLANNERAHOLIC – Welcome! Thank you for joining us. Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Joyce. I am a bit little crazy after my planner like you do! A few years ago, I opened my first Etsy shop, named iSmooch Planner; however, the last two years ago I rebranded my shop: Planneraholic. I’ve fallen in love with many planner stickers, bullet journals, and everything in the creative planner. I love to design my own planner stickers and tabs for myself. Some of you already are my customers from my Etsy shop, you buy…