Best Daily and Monthly Planners For Working Moms
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4 Best Daily and Monthly Planners for Working Moms

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Are you working mom? I do not know about you, but I feel that you are probably working mom because of crazy busy every day. But, do you have a planner with you? If no, then let me ask you why not? Carrying a planner with you should be a good idea since you are a working mom. Do you know which planner is the best fit for you? I choose 4 best daily and monthly planners for working moms. But, you can decide what the best planner can be perfect for you and your comfortable schedule.

Sometimes, you work so hard but need to organize your plans so you do not need to worry about missing something important. Organizing your plans require a lot of work because you have a lot of things in your mind. Your mind does not keep more than 100 notes, you know that? At the same time, working while parenting (or hanging out with some people) would be stress; however, your planner can help remind you to be sure that you complete your task.

How Daily and Monthly Planner Can Be Designed

Right now, you can see how a planner design is an excellent fit for you and your schedule. Importantly, you need to ensure that you know what you want to buy because of various comfortable layouts which interest to anyone.

Two simple layouts in the planners:

Vertical Layout:  Lists, boxes, and positions are shown vertically down from the page in your planner which you can plan.

Horizontal Layout: Lists, boxes, and positions are shown horizontally across the page in your planner which you can plan.

Anyway, I like to plan a vertical layout as I am very sensitive to work when I feel comfortable. I have no taste in horizontal or hourly layouts because both are annoyed with my eyes. But, it is your choice to plan vertical or horizontal layouts when you feel more energized. Are you ready to pick out the best planner for yourself?

4 Best Daily & Monthly Planners For Working Moms

1. Erin Condren Life Planner™

  • High-Quality Life Planner is offered in colorful or neutral interior design. You can also choose between a horizontal, vertical or hourly layout.
  • The Erin Condren Life Planner features 12 months January – December and measures 7″ x 9″. It is offered in any designer patterns, Hourly layout. Pick the layout that suits your planning best!
  • Includes more sticker sheets; coloring, dot grid and notes pages; monthly quotes, perpetual calendar, snap-in bookmark, compliment cards and more!

A lot of Erin Condren planners grasp perfectly that everyone’s schedule and style are varied! Therefore, our signature coiled Life Planner™ allows you to personalize & customize the combination that works for your busy life. Choose between three layouts, two-color schemes and over 100 cover designs to find the best fit for your schedule!!

Personally, I have A LOT of Erin Condren planners because I am very much comfortable with the vertical layout and notes. If you are a huge fan of ECP, then I bet that you’d agree with me. 🙂

2. The Happy Planner

  • The Happy Planner is available in sizes to fit any plan. Planner dividers are covered with beautiful and inspirational artwork. Choose the size, style, and layout that works best for you!
  • You can add pre-punched notepaper and checklists whenever you need them. Expandable discs in multiple sizes. The Happy Planner disc-bound system allows you to add and remove pages with ease.
  • Decorate your Happy Planner with stickers, washi tape, stamps, sticky notes, and more!

Our unique selection of storage books, pencil cases, and totes help you achieve planner peace of mind!

In the meantime, I love using the Happy Planner! Oh, why? It’s because of the hearty discs and stickers. I can make my own planners with cute hearty discs. But, the planners are very cool. I have some Happy Planners with amazing and positive quotes.

3. PurpleTrail Planner

  • These amazing 4 layout options: vertical, horizontal, 3 sections, and quad. But, Wedding planners do not have any layout options.
  • Customize the cover with your name.
  • Choose your size: 6×8 or 8×11, perfect for on-the-go planning.
  • Choose your planner to start a month. The planner is 12 months in length.
  • Choose from 2 Cover Finishing Options. Synthetic and Hard Cover, both with Coil binding.

I have not tried this yet, but I heard a lot of positive reviews about PurpleTrail Planner. So, you might take a peek at some stylish planners. Someday, I will order this planner and see how this planner suits me.

4. Leafy Treetop Planners

  • You can remove the cover and create your own cover in your planner.
  • Choose 6 different weekly and monthly layouts. See this link here.
  • Spiral-bound so it can be folded in half or laid flat
  • Double-sided paper pocket
  • Zip-loc plastic pocket
  • Cute, full-color tabs with inspiring quotes, beautiful colors, and room for notes.
  • Some LDS (Mormon) planners include Scriptures reading and the reading chart.

I am not familiar with the planner, but my friend told me that her planner is very comfortable for her because she organizes her plans and writes important notes on her planner. She carries it with her to work, and she checks with her planner often to make sure that her plans are not conflicted with the others.

How about the Bullet Journal? 

I do not see why not! Let me tell you how to make daily and monthly planner on your bullet journal. It’s very easy to create and design these plan layouts. I share a few favorite bullet journal collections to save some pins. You can view more about bullet journal layouts and templates and get more ideas on how to build your best layout and make them as daily and monthly planners for working moms.

Any more ideas on daily and monthly planners for Working Moms?

I believe that you, as a working mom, can create your own planner in your favorite binders such as Kate Spade Binder. I have some binders so I create my own planner layouts in them. If you have a Pinterest account, you should search for more ideas on the daily or monthly planner layouts.

Lastly, I have seen that a lot of working moms are struggling with their plans and try to find some ways to make smooth. Getting your planner is the best way to help make plans for yourself, your family, and your business (or work). You see 4 best daily and monthly planners for working moms would probably be a good fit for you. However, if you find a different planner which would be the best suit for yourself and your family, that’s fine. If you need some advice on how to start your planner, why not take a peek at the resources?

Anything else you want to add? Leave your comment below.

My name is Joyce. I am a founder of Planneraholic. I sell my products on my Etsy shop. Oftentimes, I admire planning responsibly; however, I love writing my bullet journal. When I am not working or blogging, I love to examine and cook my own healthy foods at home or reading any books, except the horror novels.

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