About Me

Planneraholic – WOW! I’m Joyce

I know that you are wondering who I am. I’m Native Californian; however, I am DEAF! Wait… I’m wearing a cochlear implant. My disability does not scare you off, right? By the way, I’m married and have two sons from my previous relationship. I have grandchildren (2). Yep, I am too young grandmother. Everyone think I look 25 year old beautiful woman. 

The list that might help you get to know me better. 

  • I’m crazy to collect stickers when I was a little girl.
  • When I’m not posting here, I’m off to write a few blogs I own. 
  • I am about to be a licensed art therapist within two years.
  • Watercoloring – I enjoy to paint when no one is at home. 

You should be glad to “meet” me and I’m glad to introduce myself to you 🙂