Planneraholic – WELCOME HERE!

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For all planneraholics – I’m so so so glad that you are here!!


Thank you for joining us.

Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Joyce. I am a bit little crazy after my planner like you do! A few years ago, I opened my first Etsy shop, named iSmooch Planner; however, the last two years ago I rebranded my shop: Planneraholic. I’ve fallen in love with many planner stickers, bullet journals, and everything in the creative planner. I love to design my own planner stickers and tabs for myself.

Some of you already are my customers from my Etsy shop, you buy some from there. Anyway, I am very appreciated that you choose to come to my Planneraholic shop.


I know that the question is very weird. Obviously, you intelligently know what it is. Some people do not know what it is. To say simply, the two separated words are “Planner” and “Aholic”. – The combined name is Planneraholic

Whaaaat issss thaat? (ha ha..)

The planner is something you plan in your calendar book (or binder). Aholic is something you are obsessed with or addict to. Isn’t the combined word easy? Oh sure! I am so stoked that you understand perfectly!


All right, let me say something. I help you get some ideas about the planner so you can save your time. Good news, I will post some free printable sometime.


All the free printables I share on Planneraholic are used for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

This means:

  • you can’t able to use my free printables for commercial purposes,
  • you can’t modify or claim them as your own,
  • nor can you share my files directly. If you want to share a file, please send a link to the related article on my website, but please do not share or send the file on its own.

In the meantime, you MUST understand that free printable is prohibited to resell via your shop as if they are your own. Hear me?


You can print at home and you can cut it on your own (or use it through Silhouette Cameo or Cricut). All printable are Adobe PDF only. If you do not have Adobe PDF, you should get to download this one and it’s no charge at all.


Have you considered to subscribe newsletter with free printable? If so, I am thankful that you decide to subscribe to it. If not interested, it’s okay- but you can bookmark our blog or subscribe to our RSS newsletter.

Meanwhile, thank you for stopping by here.

Enjoy your new planner journey!

My name is Joyce. I am a founder of Planneraholic. I sell my products on my Etsy shop. Oftentimes, I admire planning responsibly; however, I love writing my bullet journal. When I am not working or blogging, I love to examine and cook my own healthy foods at home or reading any books, except the horror novels.

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